How to Maintain Your Pool Cover During Winter

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Once your pool is closed, you still need to regularly maintain your pool cover during the harsh winter months.

As winter sets in and the pool is all closed up for the season, many people think that their pool maintenance is done until spring. That would be amazing, but it’s not the case. Once your pool cover goes on for the winter season, there is some important maintenance that needs to be handled regularly to ensure that the cover remains properly seated and your pool stays protected from the elements of winter.

Use a Cover Pump

The most important thing you can do to maintain your pool cover during winter is to invest in a cover pump. These can be a little bit of an expense depending on which one you decide to get, but they are critical for keeping water from building up on your pool cover. Too much water from rain and melted snow can cause serious damage to your pool cover to the point that you may have to have it replaced even in the first year. Pool covers are expensive, so a cover pump is worth the cost.

Clear Debris

Leaves, branches, and any other debris should be regularly cleared away from your pool cover. While a few fallen leaves isn’t a big issue, a pile of wet leaves and branches could cause damage. Falling branches can also penetrate, rip, or tear your pool cover. If there are any branches you’re worried about, consider having a professional trim your trees to keep them off of your backyard pool cover.

Another option is to install a mesh leaf net over your pool to protect your pool cover. Since it’s mesh, water can go right through, but it will catch leaves and branches before they land on your cover. Simply clear out your leaf net regularly so it can continue to do the heavy lifting.

Check Water Bags

If you have a pool cover that is held taut by water bags, you will need to check these at least once a week. Bags can become damaged from extreme winter weather, and it could lead to a bag failure that causes your pool cover to come undone. This creates a lot of extra work for you. If any of your bags appear to be damaged or at risk of leaking, it’s best to replace it right away to keep your pool cover on properly.

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