Getting Rid of Stains in Your Pool

Getting Rid of Stains in Your Pool

Pool stains can be unwelcome, and even embarrassing, as they sometimes lead others to believe your pool is dirty.

At some point during pool ownership, almost everyone will have to deal with some unsightly stains. Pool stains can be unwelcome, and even embarrassing, as they sometimes lead others to believe your pool is dirty. Some types of pool stains, like rust stains, can also be an indicator that something is off with your water quality. If you begin to notice stains forming in your pool, it’s best to take action immediately to remove them to ensure that they don’t get worse and that your pool remains safe, beautiful, and as enjoyable as ever. 

Metal Stains 

Different types of metals can cause different types of stains. Metal stains are always an indication that action must be taken. Often, they are a result of a metal object finding its way into the pool. Other times they can be a sign that your waters mineral content is off. Copper stains are often a turquoise to blue/green color while manganese will be brownish black or purple. 

Rust Stains 

As a subset of metal stains, rust is one of the most common types of pool stains. If you begin to notice rust stains, it may be time to call in your builder or a professional as it can be a sign of an issue with your pool that may need to be addressed. A rebar tie wire may be too close to the surface; you may have a crack that is allowing water to reach the inner steel. If you have a vinyl pool with galvanized steel walls, these walls can break down in wet soil and may need to be treated. 

Mineral Stains 

When dirt and oils combine, they can work together to leave a scale film along the waterline and on tile, in some cases it can leave a filmy, dirty stain over all surfaces. While mineral stains are less worrying than metal, they are far more offensive to look at as they often make your pool appear unclean. Fortunately, these stains can be treated with products like Stain Away or Scale Free. 

Waterline Stains 

As with mineral stains, dirt and oil combine to leave marks along the waterline of your pool. If your pool water line drops, like during winterization, you may notice more than one distinct line. While these stains are often less noticeable, they can still be frustrating. Adding a cleaning enzyme to your routine can help remove these lines. 

Organic Stains 

When an organic matter like leaves and acorns sit on the floor of your pool for too long, they can release tannins and their natural dyes to create organic stains. Algae, worms, berries, and other organic matter can all leave stains ranging from green and brown to red or blue. The best way to prevent these types of stains is to ensure that your pool is always covered when not in use and that you’re practicing a proper maintenance routine. If you still find yourself with pool stains, you can use granulated chlorine to bleach affected areas. 

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