Does the Color of Solar Covers Matter?

Does the Color of Solar Covers Matter?

Solar covers play an essential role in protecting your pool and making it more comfortable.

Are you in the market for a new solar pool cover? Solar covers play an essential role in protecting your pool and making it more comfortable. Different colors of cover do play a role in how effective they are at that job. To understand their importance, you must first know how they work! 

What Do Solar Covers Do? 

Most solar covers are made from a plastic material filled with air pockets; it looks similar to large bubble wrap and can be made in a range of colors. During the day, the cover will absorb heat from the sun, and the air in the bubbles will be heated, as this process happens the heat transfers to your pool water and warms it. Having the cover serves several purposes; first, it prevents evaporation by a significant percent. This means that you’ll have to fill and adjust your pool less frequently. Second, solar covers help your pool water to absorb and retain heat, keeping it at a more comfortable temperature for longer. Third, because UV rays degrade chemicals like chlorine, using the solar cover means you’ll spend less time and money adjusting and adding chlorine and cleaning chemicals to your pool. 

Cover Colors 

You likely know how white and black fabric is affected by sunlight, and it follows that pool covers will behave similarly. There are four primary shades of covers, including bright, light blue, dark blue, and a silver or gray. 

Clear Covers 

The first thing to know is that when using a transparent cover, the UV rays will still be able to pass through; this means that you won’t gain the advantages of chemical loss reduction. Clear covers also absorb less heat, but they allow for more significant heat gain. In short, your pool will get warmer faster, but it won’t retain the heat. 

Light Blue 

As the most common and the original color for a solar cover, light blue is an in-between option that gives the best of both worlds. It helps to keep UV rays from degrading chlorine, and it does an adequate job of absorbing and maintaining heat in your pool. Silver and gray covers are less standard and function in a similar way to light blue. 

Dark Blue 

As the most effective at preventing heat loss and chemical degradation, dark blue covers are a great option for pools in high sun and heat environments. Darker colored covers aren’t as good at gaining heat though, so if you’re hoping to heat your pool with a cover, the darker shade is not the best fit. 

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