Family Safety Makes Sure Your Fun Lasts for Years

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If you want your pool to serve your family for years to come, you need to adopt good practices for safety so that you keep all your loved ones safe.

Having a pool in your yard is an amazing addition to any home. They offer a good source for leisure, for activity, for exercise, and for wellness. They can improve your home value and your enjoyment by offering your a personal oasis. They can also be dangerous, however, because any standing water can potentially be a drowning hazard. If you want your pool to serve your family for years to come, you need to adopt good practices for safety so that you keep all your loved ones safe. Read on for some good tips.

Teach Kids To Swim

The best way to keep your family safe around water is to teach them to swim. There is no substitute for strong swimming skills. It is not the end-all-be-all of pool safety because even longtime swimmers can be hurt by other contributing factors (like alcohol with adults), but it is the biggest thing that will keep people safe. Swim lessons and consistent safety measures will be the building blocks for years of safe pool fun.

Set Pool Safety Rules

Make sure everyone in your family knows and follows the pool rules. The first and most important rule is “never swim alone.” Always use the buddy system around water, even as an adult, and make sure that children know they aren’t ever allowed in the pool area without an adult. Another pool rule should be to never play near drains or other openings. Hair and clothing could potentially get caught in those, so all swimmers should steer clear. Finally, make a pool rule against leaving toys and other pool accessories out around the pool area (either pool toys or regular toys). Toys on the ground around the pool could be tripping hazards and they could entice kids into the pool yard.

Secure The Area

The first step to a secure pool area is a sturdy pool fence. This fence should separate the pool area entirely from the rest of the yard. A good fence will keep not only people but also pets out of the pool and away from danger. The pool area should also have an alarm that alerts you whenever anyone enters it. Any gates to the pool area should be self-closing and self-latching and the latch should be at least 54” high. Finally, make sure that you have a pool safety kit in your pool area that includes a first aid kit, a rescue floatation device, and heavy-duty scissors. You should also make sure that you always have a phone with you in the pool area.

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