Think Spring! What Goes Into Custom Pool Design

pool bar

With custom pool design, you can choose to include an awesome pool bar – complete with bar stools inside of the pool!

We know, we know – the mounds of snow piling up across Maryland make it pretty difficult to process that pool season is near. But the winter is a great time to start designing your swimming pool, so that you will be able to utilize it come hot days and clear skies! With over 60 years of experience, Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is proud to provide custom swimming pool design for pool owners. No style is too intricate, no dream design too outlandish to create – we can make it happen! Let’s talk more about pool design.

Custom Pool Shape

Choosing the shape of your pool is just the first of many necessary steps in the pool design process. Your pool doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, square or rectangle shape. It can be designed with more of an oval feel, with smooth and unique edges and corners wherever you think they look best. Your pool should be designed to compliment the architecture of your home. We have a variety of standard pool designs to choose from if you need a jumping point to spark your design needs.

Pool Customization

After you choose the shape of your pool, you have to choose the size. Always wanted a huge pool? No problem. Looking for a smaller pool to compliment a smaller yard? Easy. From there, you can customize the interior style of the pool. You can customize coping, tile, plaster and mosaics to appropriately reflect the overall theme of your pool and property. Check out four of the hottest pool trends of 2016 here.

Custom Water Features

Here comes the fun part. With a custom pool design, you can include features in your pool that other people only dream of. Have you dreamt of having a waterfall or water slide in your home pool since you were a kid? We can do it! With custom water features, you can really give your pool design a WOW! factor. Pool bars are also an exciting specialty that will make your pool an entertainment haven. Pool bars come complete with bar stools installed in the pool, making it easy for you to swim over, grab a seat, and drink a cocktail without ever leaving the water!

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