Can Your Pool Cover Handle the Weight of a Blizzard?


If your pool cover is up against massive amounts of heavy snowfall, make sure you know how to remove snow when the time comes. to prevent irreversible damage!

Nothing gets people quite as riled up as the potential of a monumentally hazardous snowfall. We know, we know, you’re too busy daydreaming about a hot summer with a cold breeze to be thinking about what the upcoming blizzard hitting the Mid-Atlantic region means for your pool cover. Read on to learn about offseason pool maintenance and when your pool cover is in the danger zone.

You’re in Luck: It Probably Can

Depending on the type of pool you have, if your pool cover was attached properly there’s a small chance that excess snow and water will cause severe damage to your pool itself or the cover. It is usually wise to keep your pool cover clear of debris and excess rain or snow build up, but in this case – it is actually beneficial to leave about six inches of snow on top of your cover. This will help weigh the cover down against strong gusts of wind – during a blizzard, winds can reach up to 35 mph!

How to Clear Snow

If you feel it is necessary to redistribute or remove snow from your pool cover, make sure you do so carefully. Never use anything with a sharp edge, as it can result in serious damage. Instead, use a plastic shovel or leaf/snowblower to relieve some of the weight of the snow.

Danger Zone: When to Clear Snow

While it is true that your pool cover should be durable enough to withstand inclement winter weather and weight, there are still circumstances where your pool cover may be at risk. If you have an above ground swimming pool, heavy snow or rain can potentially weigh the cover down, pulling the walls of the pool towards the center causing severe damage. With inground pools, the excessive weight of rain or snow could result in your safety cover anchors popping out. Use the following snow guideline to identify when you should worry:

  • 1- 2 Feet: Your pool cover is in the clear – Safe!
  • 2-3 Feet: Remain calm, there is a good chance your pool cover is still safe – but you’ll need to start monitoring the build up.
  • 3-5 Feet: Danger Zone! Immediately clear as much of the snow and debris as possible from your pool cover and distribute the weight of the remaining snow evenly.

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