How to Clean and Maintain Your Pool Deck

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Ultimately, your enjoyment of your pool will significantly increase when your deck looks flawless and beautiful. Here’s how you can get that deck sparkling once more.

Your pool deck is the showcase of your pool’s landscape.  It’s how to ensure your pool blends in with your home, and how to incorporate any design elements you want.  A pool deck can come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.  But, regardless of what your deck looks like, maintaining it is how you’re going to impress guests.  Ultimately, your enjoyment of your pool will significantly increase when your deck looks flawless and beautiful.  Here’s how you can get that deck sparkling once more.

Solve Cracks


Concrete cracks over time, sometimes very easily, and seemingly without reason.  Simple issues like ground freezing and foundation sinkage can cause these cracks, and they’re very unsightly on your pool deck.  This can present a tripping hazard, but also, if water gets into these cracks, it can weaken the pool foundation.  When this happens, a more serious issue with your pool will occur.  Patch your cracks promptly, either by yourself or by hiring a professional.


Pressure Wash


Pressure washing is a great way to get your pool deck sparkling without wasting too much effort.  Using this method, you can remove weeds and defects far faster than you would with any manual removal.  It also prevents the use of harsh chemicals to clean the surface.  Power washing is very simple, and only requires the tools before you can start.


Seal Concrete


If you haven’t sealed your concrete, you’re running the serious risk of concrete cracking and developing defects far sooner.  Sealing is an important part of having pavement anywhere on your property, but especially near your pool where contact with water is inevitable and frequent.  Get a professional to seal your concrete, and you’ll see a much longer lifespan for your pool deck.


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