Awesome Features that Your Pool is Missing


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Adding new pool features can make your summer even more awesome.

Pool season is officially here! Are you heading out there to enjoy your pool? Probably. Now, today we’ve got some awesome ideas that are going to turn your pool into an even cooler place to hang out. If you don’t have a pool, then we can help with that. However, before you call you should think about adding some of the features we’re going to tell you about today. Are you ready to learn more about some awesome pool features you’re probably missing out on? Let’s do it!

Imagine your pool with a new fountain.

There is something about a fountain that is both classy and soothing, don’t you think? Adding a fountain to your pool can give your swimming experience some major flair while also providing you with several extra benefits. For example, do you often find your relaxing dip interrupted by the neighbors and their tomfoolery? Well, a fountain will provide you with some background noise that is sure to block out a portion of their voices. Not only that, but the fountain will help the filter do its job a little better by keeping the water moving. This can be an essential feature for people who can’t find the time to swim every day.

A pool bar could really mix it up.

There’s something that so perfectly “summer” about having a cool drink by the pool. So, what if you could have a cool drink while still being in the pool? Well, with a pool bar you can. Now, a pool bar isn’t just for drinks. Your kids can remain in the pool while eating their lunch and that means that you won’t have to wrestle them out of the pool to feed them. You can click away on your laptop while still enjoying the cool water. The possibilities are endless, enjoy them.

So, ready to change your pool game?

Designing your pool should be a fun endeavor! Adding a pool bar or a fountain will give your design a little extra unique flair. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders wants to help you make this summer a fun one. We are a full service pool company, specializing in building, repairs, maintenance, pool equipment and more. If you need assistance with your Baltimore pool, or are looking to build a custom pool, feel free to call us at 410.349.3852 or visit our website.

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