4 Factors That Affect the Pool Planning Process

4 Factors That Affect the Pool Planning Process

Instead of paying for a gym membership or planning to go to the beach, you can install a new swimming pool in your yard!

Remodeling or renovating your home doesn’t only have to be a way to upgrade your home’s interior! Let’s say that you want to spend more time outside and have more time to go swimming this year. Instead of paying for a gym membership or planning to go to the beach, you can install a new swimming pool in your yard! You’ve got to make the right plans for it

Family Use 

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, you may want to adjust the dimensions and shape of your pool. Swimming is a lot of fun, and it’s a great cardio exercise. How often will you be willing to host pool parties? Do you have a shed for storing pool accessories or a patio equipped with an outdoor kitchen? These questions may seem insignificant, but by answering them, you can be sure that you are maximizing your investment.  

Maintenance Needs

Swimming pools, no matter what size they are, will need some maintenance. After all, the water needs to be cleaned and sanitized, dirt and dust need to be filtered out, and pumps and filters need to be checked on to see how well they are running. Keeping the pH of your pool well-balanced means that it won’t be too acidic or too basic since both of those conditions can be harmful to everything and everyone who jumps in; pool safety is the name of the game!

Yard Terrain

The terrain of your yard also has an enormous influence on the design choices you make. For one thing, you will need to determine where your property lines are because you don’t want to risk upsetting your neighbors if they don’t want to have their side of the fence damaged by water. Your home could also be located on a hill or a cliff where heavy equipment and construction vehicles might not be able to access. Manage your expectations, because the size of your backyard, along with slope and soil grade, will also put constraints on building your dream pool!

Budget Concerns

Like any other home improvement project, you will probably need to create a budget. Depending on how well you plan your budget, you may find that you will still have money left to embellish your pool and upgrade the landscaping and accessories around it. Paying down the costs of pool construction doesn’t need to be a burden – just speak to your pool building partner, such as the team here at Sunrise Pools, about how they can help!

Questions? Ask Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders LLC

If you still have questions about how to build a brand new swimming pool, Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders LLC is here to help you. We here at Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders LLC can build and install your pool or spa and also provide you with pool chemicals, services, and more. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 410-349-3852. To see more from us and for tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


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