3 Signs That You Need to Drain Your Spa

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Ready to enjoy your spa?! If the water smells or there is a presence of foam or debris, it may be time to drain and refill.

We are getting increasingly excited that swimming pool reopening season is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect our spa-lovers! Spa maintenance is essential if you want to maintain the enjoyment and life expectancy of your spa. Let’s discuss three tell-tale signs that it is time to drain your spa, refill in with water, and soak your worries away!

Your Spa is Smelly  

One of the most common indicators that it is time to drain your spa is the presence of a funky odor. Even if your spa water appears crystal clear and clean, you may notice an off-putting smell coming from the water or the cover. Bacteria is most commonly to blame for this. A water-logged spa cover can harbor moisture (and tends to be heavier) that contributes to bacteria growth.

Your Antifoam Isn’t Effective

Antifoam solutions do a great job of keeping your spa clean and foam free, but they do not last forever. If you notice a buildup of foam, gunk, or other debris on the surface of your water it likely means your water is too old or that your antifoam has run its course. Water discoloration is also a sign that it is time to drain and refill your spa.

You Haven’t Changed the Water Lately

How often you replace the water in your spa depends on various factors including how many people typically use it and how often. For an average recommendation, calculate the water capacity of your spa divided by the amount of people who regularly use it. Now take that number and divide it by three for your answer. For example, if your spa holds 300 gallons of water and 3 people bathe in it regularly you should calculate: 300 ÷ 3 = 100. Divide 100 by 3 and your answer is that you should drain your spa every 33 days on average. If you have spa parties often or your spa has been empty for a long time, draining the water and refilling it again is wise.

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