3 Safety Features to Invest in Before Your Pool Opening

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These safety features will help deter unsupervised children from swimming and/or unintentionally drowning in your pool.

It’s pool opening season! Whether you are a new pool owner who is opening your pool for the first time, or a seasoned pool owner who is ecstatic about reopening your water – the safety of your swimmers should come before a rushed pool opening. Let’s explore three different safety features it is wise to invest in before your pool opening, not after the first dive in!

Child Safety Fences

If you plan to have young swimmers or pets on your property at any point, a child safety fence is essential. While several types of fences can provide a barrier between your pool and visitors, child safety fences are designed with ultimate safety in mind. They are usually at least four feet high with a child-safety lock mechanism that can drastically minimize the chances of a child or pet unintentionally drowning in your pool.

Smart Security Alarms

If you have a swimming pool on your property, it may be wise to invest in residential security alarms. These systems can be customized to your needs, but a door alarm is essential. A loud alarm placed at the height of the entryway to your swimming pool will help alert you when the door has been opened. This alarm serves as an extra barrier of protection between your pool and children or pets – giving you the opportunity to get them back inside in a timely manner before any injury is sustained.

Steps and Ladders

Is there a clear and safe path for swimmers to use for entry and exit from your pool? If you are designing an in-ground pool, you must not forget to include safe steps and ladders within your design. If you have an above ground pool on your property, it is of extra importance that you purchase a removable step ladder and safely store it any time your pool is not in use. This will help deter any unsupervised child or pet in your yard from curiously climbing the ladder and falling in.

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