3 Practical Pool Safety Tips for Swimming at Night

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These days, you can turn the advancement of science and technology into a way to improve pool safety.

Summer is almost over. And at this rate, fall will be here before you even realize it. There are a few weeks of prime summer left, but temperatures will start to dip once September rolls around. No more humid nights leaving you feeling soggy and sweating. Well, that’s the hope, at least. The days are going to start growing shorter. What this means is that you’ll end up swimming at night more often. Here are some useful tips for how to stay safe while doing so!

Use Extra Lighting to Enhance the Experience 

Artificial lighting is a modern marvel. It’s such an integral part of our daily lives that we take it for granted. Back in the day, such lighting solutions were impossible. Even more than that, they were simply unthinkable. But these days, you can turn the advancement of science and technology into a way to improve pool safety. When the sun is up in the sky, you won’t have to worry about the light you receive.

On the other hand, you might need to seek relief from the sunshine in the shade. At night, though, the game changes. Even on a cloudless evening, the moon might not be bright enough. Additional vantage-point lighting means that anyone spending time on the deck will be able to see when someone is in trouble. 

That’s why the pool steps, pool edges, and the surrounding decks need more illumination. Besides, having more light around the poolside area enhances the experience. Different colors can play in soft splashes across the water. Or you can project patterns and designs on a nearby fence! For best results, invest in low-voltage LED lights.  

Prioritize Pool Safety, Security, and Privacy 

Pool safety best practices also call for improved security and more privacy. Shielding your pool from nosy and rude neighbors is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. That’s why strategic landscaping and the placement of privacy fences are such a big deal. Three of the most common pool fencing materials are wood, aluminum, and wrought iron. And yes, we know that moisture damage can ruin fences. That’s why the wood and metal should be pressure treated or coated in rust-resistant sealants. 

Keep Those Pesky Bugs Away 

Another annoying part of summer is when the insects swarm you. It’s rather to enjoy your time in the water when your feet are so covered in mosquito bites that you cannot walk. Increasing your protective measures against bugs is a simple way to improve your pool safety. Bugs seem like nuisances, but they can spread diseases. Bug control lamps, mosquito dunks, and citronella sprays can help keep the bugs from spoiling your good time. 

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