Winterizing Your Pool

Winterizing Your Pool

Every pool is different, given the variety of shapes and sizes one can design, but each pool deserves to be winterized and maintained.

Winter is coming. Okay, well, it’ll be here eventually. The point is, cold weather will soon be in the forecast throughout the week, and it’s going to be that way for awhile. What does that mean for your pool? To start, it means you can’t swim in it, which is rather unfortunate. It also means that you need to take extra care of your pool during this period of time. Every pool is different, given the variety of shapes and sizes one can design, but each pool deserves to be winterized and maintained.

Cleaning Is Key

A key ingredient to winterizing your pool is to give it a thorough cleaning before the final close. Clearly, the cleaner your pool is before close, the better shape it will be in upon re-open. Whether it’s debris, buildup, dirt or any time of extraneous particle, a full cleaning takes away a small amount of stress for the opening.

Balance: Also Key

It’s crucial that you balance the water in your pool before close. There are plenty of chemicals involved in this process, and so it’s important to monitor these levels closely. This is an event that should take place weeks before you actually close the pool for the season. A classic method is to shock the pool (a week before) with granular chlorine, giving it plenty of time to drop.

Height Of Water

Finally, your water should be nearly a foot below the tile itself. Depending on the pool cover you utilize, the height of the water can fluctuate. It’s a fine line, and you never want it to be too high or too low. The cover is there for protection, but if you leave your water level too high, it could lead to damage in the end.

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