Why Should You Have a Pool Fence?

Why Should You Have a Pool Fence?

In most states, either a pool fence or a security cover are required.

Adding a pool and spa feature to your home is a great way to improve your home’s looks, value, and your enjoyment, but if you add a pool, you should note that a fence should always come with it. Pools and pool fencing should always go together for a variety of reasons, and in some places, it might just be a legal requirement. While home pools are a wonderful and fun investment, they can also be a source of significant danger. In most states, either a pool fence or a security cover are required. For many, a fence is a great option.

Reduces Accidents and Improves Safety

Even with security cover accidents can happen, a pool fence can help prevent these. No system is entirely child or pet proof, but in most instances, a pool fence will be far more effective at keeping both out of the water until adult supervision can arrive. Aside from small children having accidents, pool fences can also reduce the risk of someone drowning in your pool by up to 83%. This decreased rate is a massive advantage for your insurance rates; when the chances are decreased your coverage rates will also decrease. This can help make your pool more affordable over time as well as being significantly more secure.  

Adds Beauty

One of the less obvious features of pool fencing is that it can help create a more dynamic landscape for your home. Along with forming a distinct boundary which helps create zones within your yard, a fence can be designed well so that it is its feature. Use your imagination when planning your design to create a poolscape that is safe, well marked and beautiful. If you choose a higher privacy fence, for instance, you can make your pool more secluded and private. Or, try a well crafted wrought iron fence for a stunning look when combined with plants.

Keeps Out Pool Crashers

Last but not least, having a pool fence can help keep unwanted guests away from your new feature. No one wants to come home after being away to find that their well-meaning but uninvited neighbors or strangers have made themselves at home in their backyard. Fencing can help keep both parties from feeling more invited and will help keep your space just for you and those you want to invite.

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