Who Came up With Hot Tubs, Anyway?

The advantages of a backyard spa

It’s no surprise that we invented a tub full of perpetually hot water that has a lot of luxurious features. Mentally and physically, it can soothe our pains.

When you think about it, hot tubs make a lot of sense.  There are a lot of other species that find calm when they sink into pools of hot water, or hot springs.  This behavior isn’t exclusive to humans, and hot water provides plenty of benefits for our bodies.  Mentally and physically, it can soothe our pains.  It’s no surprise that we invented a tub full of perpetually hot water that has a lot of luxurious features.  But when did hot tubs start?  Who discovered the wonders of personal spas?  Read on to find out.



As you can probably guess, humans have been sitting in hot water for ages.  All the back to the 4th century BCE, we’ve been finding hot springs and boiling water with coals just to soak.  Roman bath houses were heated, as were many other baths made by civilizations across the globe.  Japan’s invention is particularly important regarding the history of the hot tubs you see today.  In 737 CE, the Japanese created the ofuro, which were usually placed in luxurious bath houses.  So, really, this is where the hot tub began.


How did it get to us?


So, Europe caught wind of these awesome tubs because of the Moors (a Muslim group living in the general area of Northern Africa).  They started implementing them, and using them more frequently.  Who wouldn’t?  In the 1940’s, the States saw tubs inspired by the ofuro, which were purely for soaking.  But then, spas came out with jets and bubblers, and the tubs we see today started to be manufactured around the 1970’s.


Why do we use them?


Spas are the perfect way to relax.  The spas we provide at Sunrise are outfitted with the best materials, and the best sets of water jets.  They soothe your muscles, take away your anxieties, and provide a warm and friendly location to communicate.  Kids love them, too, because they’re almost like a cross between a bath and a pool.  Combine the toys used at bath time and the excitement of a pool, and you’ve got a happy kid.  And it’s not too bad to be able to kick back yourself when they go off to a friend’s house.


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