Which Pool Shape is Right for Your Annapolis Home?

So you have decided to make a big splash by purchasing your own Annapolis pool. You are thrilled about the newest addition to your backyard but are overwhelmed with all the options regarding shape and size. Before you choose the perfect pool shape, it is important to decide how you want to use your Annapolis pool. Will it be a place for your kids to cool off from the hot and humid summer heat? Will you use it for a form of exercise, like swimming laps? Will it be an added bonus to your landscape and glisten as a center focal point when you are entertaining your family and friends?


There are many possible pool shapes to choose from.

Which Pool Shape is Right for Your Annapolis Home?


Rectangular pool shapes are good for traditional homeowners because they are simple in shape and are a beautiful feature to any backyard oasis. Many people opt to purchase rectangular pools because there is room for both exercise and sports. Another variation of the rectangular pool shape, the L-shaped design, is perfect for those who may want to add on a slide and/or diving board and have to clearly delineate between the shallow and deep end of the swimming pool.


A freeform pool is a pool that is quite the opposite of a rectangular, square or oval style. A freeform pool aligns perfectly with the property and is a beautiful complement to trees, rocks and other parts of your landscape. Freeform pools are also a viable option for homeowners because they can mold nicely into any existing backyard.


Kidney shaped pools are a popular pool design that people often select. They resemble an oval shaped pool but they look like a kidney bean found in any grocery market. Similar to the freeform pool shape, the shallow and deep ends of this pool design are clearly marked but, unlike the freeform, kidney shaped pools have the luxury of having enough room for an additional spa thus adding to the comfort and appeal of your Annapolis pool.  

So what pool shape will you select? The above mentioned pool shapes are just a few of the options homebuyers can consider for their Annapolis pool.

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