What You Need To Know About A Routine Pool Maintenance Schedule

When you have a pool it is important to keep up proper pool maintenance. There are three areas of proper pool maintenance: Water Balance. Disinfection/Sanitation/Oxidation. Circulation and filtration. Read now to learn what pool routine maintenance you should schedule to defend yourself from pool-rated problems.

What Does A Routine Pool Maintenance Schedule Consist Of?

A pool maintenance program starts with a routine testing of water and adding chemicals needed to balance water. Next, a net and brush should be used to remove debris, scale and algae from your pool. Empty the skimmer and pump baskets. Vacuum your pool and clean your filters.

When this routine is completed, you create a water balance for your swimming that protects your equipment and plaster. It also helps create swimmer comfort. For water balance you want your pH, total Alkalinity and Calcium hardness to be in the range recommended for pools to be balanced.

The ideal pH for pools is 7.5 and the acceptable rang is 7.2 – 7.6. When pH is not balanced the result is etched plaster, scale formation, corroded metals, cloudy water, short filter runs, poor chlorine efficiency, destruction of the total alkalinity, irritable eyes and skin and stained plaster.

As for the total alkalinity, is the amount of alkaline materials dissolved in the water. The alkaline measures the pool water’s resistance to change in pH. If you need to raise alkalinity, you should use sodium bicarbonate. If you need to lower total alkalinity you should use muriatic acid or dry acid. Alkaline is related calcium hardness.

Calcium hardness measures the amount of calcium magnesium and manganese (all three are alkaline materials) present in your pool water. The ideal hardness should be between 150 ppm to 500 ppm.

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Source: Pool Maintenance Guide

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