What to Expect When Renovating Your Pool

What to Expect When Renovating Your Pool

Pool renovation projects can be small or they can be huge depending on what needs to be done, and whether the problem is urgent or not.

A pool can be an excellent addition to almost any yard. In the heat of the summer, it provides a cool place to relax and unwind, a fantastic place for your kids or grandkids to play, and an easy and convenient way to exercise. The benefits are pretty endless. But pools also require maintenance and upkeep, and eventually, you’ll be faced with a pool renovation. Pool renovation projects can be small or they can be huge depending on what needs to be done, and whether the problem is urgent or not.

Urgent Repairs

If your renovation project is in response to a major issue that needs to be repaired, you need to do it. Examples of these include leaks, filter or cleaning system malfunctions, and major tile damage. Leaks, even when they are small, have the potential to become big costly problems if you don’t address them. In addition to the actual damage to your pool, the leaking water can corrode pipes and damage your landscaping. This is why you must jump on the repair as soon as you notice a leak. Likewise, issues with your pump, filter, or cleaning system needs print attention. These systems do a lot of work to keep your pool nice all summer, and if they break down, you could quickly end up with a disgusting mess of algae and contaminants. Finally, extensive damage to your tiles or coping needs immediate attention as well.

Improved Use

Some projects you may take on, not out of urgent need but simply to make the pool more efficient or enjoyable. If the surface of your pool is very rough and scratches your feet or if the plaster is showing age and stains, you could consider resurfacing it. If you have a vinyl liner that is stained or otherwise wearing out, it may be time to replace it – these only last about a decade on average. Likewise, your filtration system might need a total overhaul or replacement. These are potentially major project, but they will benefit your pool in the long run.


Finally, some of your biggest potential renovations are going to be to increase the aesthetics of the space. If you want a better deck or patio surrounding the pool, improved landscaping and shade structures, a retractable cover, or simply a bigger pool overall, these are going to be major projects.

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