What Causes Delays During Custom Pool Installation?

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There are several problems that can cause delays during a custom pool installation.

The reality of having a custom pool designed and installed is that it will almost inevitably be met with delays. The construction process is unpredictable and stressful, making delays frustrating for everyone involved. Sometimes, these delays are entirely unavoidable due to circumstances outside of your control. However, many delays can be avoided with some careful planning and proactive steps.


Weather can be a major factor in how quickly a custom pool is installed, especially for work that begins in spring or in any area that experiences heavy rainfall (like Maryland). Swimming pools can’t be installed during winter because the ground is often frozen and too difficult to dig up. In spring, the opposite problem happens. As the weather warms and heavy rain hits, the ground becomes too wet and unstable to work with. As the area is dug up and the structure is put in place, contractors need the weather to behave to prevent their work from being undone or damaged. Every time this happens, it can cause major delays, which pushes back the timeline for the current build, as well as every other build currently scheduled.


In many cases, you will need a permit of some sort to have your pool installed. Sometimes, this process is quick and easy. Other times, it isn’t. Never bet on it being quick and easy—take care of it early on to ensure that it gets done well before construction on your new pool begins so your team can get right to work.

Product Shortages

As the world continues its recovery, the reality is that we’re not there yet. There are still product shortages that have the potential to delay a project at any time. Of course, we will always strive to have products ordered and ready to go as quickly as possible to ensure they arrive on time. However, sometimes shipping delays happen, or products simply aren’t available right away. It’s a stressful circumstance to deal with as shipping lines continue their work to try to catch up and keep shipping lanes running at full capacity.

Client Changes

Last-minute changes made by the client can also cause significant delays during a custom pool installation. Beginning the pool planning process as early as possible is really important for avoiding this circumstance. If you’re wanting to have a custom pool installed, take the time to make sure your plan is exactly what you want within a budget you can afford to avoid needing to make changes later.

Bringing in Other Workers

It’s common for those wanting a custom pool to bring in other workers in order to try to save some money on the installation process. While it’s understandable, it can actually backfire in big ways. If you bring in workers who are not experienced in pool construction, they could actually do more harm than good. Every pool contractor will have horror stories to share about outside workers and companies making mistakes that caused major delays. In addition, a big mistake can actually cost the client more money because they will then have to pay their contractors to fix the problem.

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