Using Your Spa or Hot Tub During a Maryland Winter

Many Maryland spa and hot tub owners take great pleasure in using these wonderfully relaxing devices during the cold winter months. There’s nothing quite like the calm of sitting in blissfully warm water while you’re surrounded by crisp, cool winter air. But spa and hot tub owners should follow the proper precautions to prevent freezing and ensure maximum energy efficiency during the Maryland winter.


Prevent Freezing

The biggest danger you face when operating a hot tub or spa during the Maryland winter is your device sustaining damage due to the water freezing. To prevent this many hot tubs and spas have a built in anti-freeze mechanism that must be toggled on using the spa’s display. This uption is typically under a menu labeled “mode” or “timer” and is usually called “thermostat” or “antifreeze.” If your spa does not have the ability to automatically regulate its temperature, you should set the timer so that it activates for about 15 minutes every hour.

Keep Your Hot Tub/ Spa Warm

To prevent your Maryland spa or hot tub from wasting energy, it’s a good idea to purchase a good insulating cover, You can cut energy costs further by purchasing an inexpensive floating thermal blanket, which will help your hot tub retain heat, as well as lower the rate at which chemicals are used up, and help your spa or hot tub cover last longer.

Make sure you’re also keeping your spa and hot tub cover, free from snow. Spa covers aren’t designed to hold the weight of a harsh winter snowfall, so make sure to clear your cover after any bad winter weather.

Interested Spa or Hot Tub For The Winter?

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