Use Your Maryland Pool For Exercise

pool workoutSummer is in full swing, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy your Maryland pool. But instead of just floating around, why not be active this summer? Your pool is the perfect place for low impact exercise, not to mention it’s quite an enjoyable and relaxing place. Beat the heat this season by exercising in the pool. Take a look at the many benefits:

  • Lose weight while staying cool. Instead of running outside in 90-degree weather, run in the pool! By exercising in the pool a few times a week, you may notice measurable weight loss at the end of the month.
  • Low-impact exercise in a calm environment. Pools are great places for older people, and people with injuries. Because water supports the body’s weight, it can help to alleviate pain of the muscles or joints, and enable those with injuries or instability to exercise in a calmer environment. Water is a universal calming symbol. It is used to promote peace and serenity; so working out in a pool shouldn’t feel stressful. With endorphins flowing, you’ll feel great after you’re done!
  • Build endurance without extra equipment. Blood moves through the body faster in a cooler environment, so when paired with exercising, blood will move even faster. Also, extra weights or workout equipment are not needed, as water is resistant enough in itself. After time, cardio endurance and muscle tone will build. By combining aerobic movement, your body, and cool water, you’ll have your own backyard gym!

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