Use Protection: Cover Your Pool

pool coverSo you want to cover your pool but don’t know where to start? There are several options to choose from that will keep your pool safe, free of debris, and will even warm it up if you so desire.

Safety Pool Covers

First things first, safety should be a priority at your pool. Safety covers come in solid as well as mesh covers. The advantage of solid covers is that they keep everything out of the pool, from debris to pets and children. However, they have to be anchored down and as such are time consuming to put on and remove. Mesh covers will keep larger objects out of the pool and are easier to handle. However, they don’t provide the stability and balance afforded by a solid cover. In addition, they allow light to pass through, which could facilitate algae growth. Small sediment can also make its way through mesh covers.

Solar Pool Covers

Not a fan of jumping into ice-cold water when you want to take a dip? A solar pool cover is the answer. These covers float on top of the pool and trap the heat of the sun, thus warming up your pool. In addition, solar covers allow you to extend your pool season into cooler months. However, solar covers don’t protect children or animals from falling into the pool, and debris can still make its way in. They also don’t work too well in cloudy weather.

Automatic Pool Covers

If you’re looking for ease of use, an automatic pool cover is the way to go. Made from reinforced coated vinyl, automatic covers run on tracks that are installed either on the deck or under the edge of the pool, also known as the coping. While they are more expensive than other pool covers, their ease of use is a big benefit of automatic covers.

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