Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pool Warm This Fall

Tips for Keeping Your Swimming Pool Warm This Fall

Gas heaters are one great solution for how to keep your swimming pool warm even after the summer ends.

Even though summer isn’t over yet, Labor Day is quickly approaching. Labor Day is the traditional marker for when pool season supposedly ends. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Although community pools are shutting down for the season, you can continue to keep your backyard pool warm and delightful even as the temperatures start to cool down. 

Use Gas Heaters 

Gas heaters are one great solution for how to keep your swimming pool warm even after the summer ends. They can heat the water and keep going even when the water is warm enough. It can keep the water heated at night. But you will need to make sure that you can fit this into your budget. Gas heaters are more expensive than other possibilities. You deserve to have the best that money can buy. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself. You work hard all the time, so you’ve earned it. Look for more energy-efficient models to help keep energy bills down.  

Use Solar Blankets 

Another idea is to use solar blankets. Although they resemble conventional pool covers, they can also help keep the water warm. These blankets work like heaters by using rays from the sun. So, during the day it captures all of that heat and with the right insulation keeps it in place until after nightfall. This also helps you not lose water in your pool due to evaporation. It’s easier to take care of your swimming pool when you have solar blankets once it’s time to close them for the winter. 

Use Solar Rings 

If you don’t like the prospect of solar blankets, then you can use solar rings instead. They’re more comfortable to use than regular solar blankets. The rings go directly into the pool, which means that they are a good fit for unusually-sized pools or oddly-shaped ones that don’t follow the traditional design or build schemes. They’re also much more comfortable to store when you don’t need them.

Use Liquid Sun Covers 

One final idea is to use some liquid sun covers. You can still swim when these sun covers are in place. It continues to work like a solar cover even when you want to use your pool. You don’t need much during every use, but every time you want to use your pool, you will need to pour more liquid into it first. 

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