Tips for Integrating a Hot Tub or Spa into Your Landscaping Design

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There are many methods that can be utilized when integrating a hot tub into your landscaping design.

If you’re finally ready and able to create the ultimate relaxing oasis in your yard by adding a spa or hot tub, you have good reason to be excited. You’re about to have the ultimate outdoor living space (and possibly health tool, if it is a swim spa or endless pool). But you can’t just plop that hot tub down anywhere. It needs to be integrated into the design and landscaping of your backyard. Read on for some great tips for integrating a hot tub or spa into your landscaping design.

Shield it from View or Make it a Focal Point

The first thing to decide is where you want the hot tub to go. Most people want to shield their hot tub from the prying eyes of their neighbors, and making use of the existing landscaping, like shrubs or trees, is a good way to do that. Alternatively, some people want the hot tub to become the focal point of the whole yard. In these cases, you may still want to obscure the view from the street but draw the eye to the spa from the deck or the house windows.  

Include a Cover

Consider installing a pergola or similar cover over the spa or hot tub to make it more useful, regardless of weather (within reason, of course). If the cover you choose is a beautiful structure like a pergola, it should compliment the landscaping of the rest of the yard. 


Make sure that you’re also planning for adequate lighting. The spa itself will have some integrated lighting, but you may also want to consider some fairy lights over the spa or solar lamps around the installation. If there are any stairs, make sure they are well lit for safety. 

Rails and Safety

Consider that the spa itself may need railings and other safety features to keep people safe around the water feature. Whenever there is water in your yard, there is the possibility of drowning, so make sure that you do all that you can to keep people safe. 

Be Careful with Planting

When it comes time to choose the plants that you want to have around the spa, keep these things in mind. If it drops leaves or needles, those will likely end up in your spa. Similarly, if it gets really sappy or polleny, that will dirty your spa as well.  When planting around the stairs or walkways, consider that anything that gets heavy and droops in the rain could become a tripping hazard. Finally, If you have railings, stay away from climbing vines since once they take hold, they easily take over. 

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