The Pros & Cons of an Attached Spa

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A swimming pool with an attached spa is considered a major luxury, but there are pros and cons to consider before you commit to this design.

If you’ve already decided that it’s finally time to invest in an in-ground pool, you might now be stuck trying to decide whether you want an attached spa or not. It certainly sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’re not sure whether it’s the right choice for you, there are some pros and cons to consider before you settle on a decision.


  • Aesthetics. An attached spa looks amazing as an addition to your custom in-ground pool and patio. These can be upgraded to include some seriously luxurious water features, such as a scupper that is installed on the side of a raised spa or a spa spillway.
  • Maintenance. An attached spa is easier to maintain than a standalone spa because it shares filtration with your in-ground pool. All of the work you do to keep your pool water clean will also benefit your attached spa, making it half as much work to maintain both. In addition, standalone spas need to have their water changed several times a year, while an attached spa never needs to undergo a water change.
  • Convenience. When you’ve been swimming, but you’re either getting tired, or it’s getting late in the day, and the temperature is cooling down, it can be a huge benefit to have an attached spa. If you’re not ready to get out of the water just yet, but you don’t want to be in your pool anymore, you can make a quick and smooth transition into your attached spa for a relaxing soak after a swimming session.


  • Jets. An attached spa has fewer jets than a standalone spa, and they’re often not as powerful. It’s still a comfortable and relaxing way to soak, but if you’re looking for a spa that will really bring the power and thoroughly massage your entire body, an attached spa might not cut it.
  • Winterization. One of the great things about a spa or hot tub is being able to climb into some really warm water during the colder months of the year. Unfortunately, if you live in an area that experiences winter and you need to winterize your pool during the cold part of the year, it means you will also have to winterize your spa at the same time. The spa runs off of the same systems as the pool, including heating and filtration, and these systems could be damaged if the spa is left open during extreme weather conditions.
  • Outdoors. In most cases, having your spa outdoors is preferable. Being outside in nature is great for mental health. However, during the winter, you might consider how much more convenient and comfortable it would be if you had an indoor spa rather than an outdoor one. An attached spa can’t exactly be moved indoors, so if you want this as an option, an attached spa might not be right for you.

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