The Advantages Of Having A Vita Spa

Vita Spa - Rendezvous

If you’re looking for a way to relax and stay healthy at home, consider installing a Vita Spa. There are many benefits of having a vita spa. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is here to tell you how to reap the benefits of a vita spa.

A vita spa can pinpoint the parts that give you the most body stress and accurately relieve this stress. The spa can directly massage the neck, shoulder, and upper and lower back areas. This is all possible with the vita spa’s symphonic wave seat.

You can even control the speed and sequence of the massage at a touch of a button.

Vita spa can also massage and stimulate your feet and hands for full physical therapy.

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what about my head?’ vista spa has you covered.

With custom fit ergonomic pillows, your head can be cradle in comfort for a refreshing and full spa experience.

But the best benefits come from the long lasting material of the vista spa. The insulation for the spa has no chemical irritants; it can prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestation, and it’s a fire retardant.

So you save on cost, while saving the environment from harmful volatile organic components.

Last but not least, your spa can be illuminated with fancy lights to have you immersed in a peaceful, yet exciting atmosphere.

Here are ways you can illuminate your vista spa:

  • Trevi Fountain. This laminar stream of water goes above the water surface to create a soothing atmosphere with visual and sound effect.
  • Illuminated Controls. When lighting is dim, you can see your diverter valves and air controls with ease.
  • Lighted Cup Holders.This is perfect for late night relaxing with your favorite beverage and friends. It’s the perfect combination.

Here at Sunrise Premiere Pool Builder we have spas and hot tubs that are great for entertaining guests or enjoying a little you time after a long day.

Our lines of vita spas include the Mystique, Rendezvous, Cabaret, Nuage, Allure and Joli. Learn more about our vita spas by clicking here.

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