Swimming Pools Maryland: Reducing Pool Maintenance Costs With Energy Efficient Pools

Searching for ways to make your swimming pool more energy efficient this holiday season? If yes, you need to hire some pool builders in Maryland to design a pool that’s energy efficient as possible. More and more environmentally friendly swimming pools are becoming the prefer choice for Marylanders.

A newly built swimming pool can be made eco-friendly for you.

There are many benefits that come with energy efficient swimming pools for not only the environment but Maryland pool owners. Here are just some of many:

– Eco-friendly pools use variable speed pumps and pool covers to cut energy costs up to 30%. This energy saving is feasible because the pool cover keeps the swimming pool warm and allows the speed pumps to not be exhausted by pool demands, while the its self prevents the heat from escaping by preventing evaporation.

– A Compact but Higher efficiency pump is used. This energy proficient pump will use 30-45% less energy than a standard pump that performs at different speeds.

-.It can utilize solar energy to reduce heating costs while creating a comfortable water temperature for your pool.

– Timers can be seat for when the heater and pump can function for your pool. This will save more energy costs than a pool left on for continuous operation.

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