Swimming Pool Contractors Maryland Top 4 Pool Renovations of 2013

Is your pool looking a bit outdated and not functioning at its best? If this sounds like your pool, it is time to hire Pool Builders Maryland for your swimming pool renovations.

This article will provide you a list of the best Swimming Pools Maryland renovations of 2013 and how to go about renovating your pool in an affordable manner.

Swimming pool renovations are not easy but swimming pool technology upgrades and pool design updates are worth the cost and time.

Your pool amenities should always run smoothly.

As Pool Contractors Maryland, Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders highly recommends the following Swimming Pools Maryland upgrades:

  1. -Use Salt Water Chlorinator swimming pools Maryland service technology. The salt-water chlorinators will eliminate any need for liquid chlorine, granular chlorine or chlorine tablets so pool maintenance is more convenient. The salt-water chlorinator will reduce your need to constantly add and monitor pool chlorine levels.
  2. -Use Color LED and Fiber Optic Pool Lights. The lights will make your pool more visually appealing at night while increasing pool safety.
  3. -Install Aggregate Finish Pool Plaster. This will make your pool more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make the pool surface more durable. Best of all aggregate pool finished can provide your pool a more polished, smooth and natural feel.
  4. -Have Electronic Auto Fill for your pool. Why? The electronic auto fill will easily monitor the pool water level.

Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders have all you need and more for seasoned pool design, pool construction and pool technology. We guarantee comfort and safety with all our pool products and services – slides, spas, custom tile and more new swimming pool Maryland and pool services.

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