Do You Still Need to Close Your Pool?

Do You Still Need to Close Your Pool?

We understand if you haven’t gotten around to closing your pool yet.

We understand if you haven’t gotten around to closing your pool yet. The days will either be hot or cold. It seems as though September wants to be summer for Halloween. Getting your pools closed for the season is a critical part of the process when it comes to keeping your pool safe for the offseason. But when temperatures outside can go from sixty degrees one day to ninety the next, this can be hard to do.

Take Away Accessories

The first step in this particular phase of closure is to move the accessories away. Please put them in the garage or garden shed. It doesn’t matter, as long as there is somewhere you can use as long term storage. Noodles and ladders can cause problems for your pool if they are left behind, even unintentionally. The chemicals you use to winterize the water could cause rust to form on these items, which is never good. 

Shock the Pool 

Right before you close up the pool for the next several months, you should conduct a shock treatment. This adds a massive quantity of chlorine to the water. This means that most of the bacteria that have built up will be killed off. This technique also stops algae growth and prevents blooms from happening. You’ve also got to run the pump from that night until the next morning so that all of the chemicals get a proper chance to spread around inside.  

Cover It Up

It’s time to put the winter pool cover on. This stops dirt, dust, mud, and fallen leaves from getting into your pool. It also ensures a proper chemical balance, which can swing wildly out of control when it isn’t monitored and kept in check. Use some weights to keep the covers from submerging into whatever water is left in your otherwise-empty swimming pool. A pump is still useful, though. Be sure to get the cover cleaned, especially after it rains or snows, or whenever sleet falls on it. 

Get Professional Help 

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to get professional help for closing your swimming pool. Getting everything done can take up more time than you expect. Don’t let this frustrate you!

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