The Steps to Closing Your Pool for the Season: Part 2

Read on to learn the proper steps to successfully closing your pool for the season!

In the first part of this blog, we covered the first four steps of closing your pool: clean, winterize, lower water level, and clean filter. The second part will go over the remaining steps so that you know how to properly close your pool for the season.

Remove Pool Accessories

You don’t want to leave any pool accessories lingering inside of the pool. This includes everything from pool noodles to the pool ladder. Long term exposure to the winterizing chemicals can cause certain accessories to rust and you don’t want rust to get inside of the pool. You want to clean all of your accessories, allow them to dry completely, and then store them in a dry place.


You want to shock your pool the night before you close it and put the cover on. Shocking your pool puts a large amount of chlorine into the water, killing most of the bacteria. This can prevent algae growth as well as stop algae blooms in their beginning phase. After shocking the pool, allow the pump to run overnight so that the shock can distribute evenly throughout the water.

Winter Cover

There are pool covers that are specifically designed for the winter time. These covers help to protect your pool from any outside contaminants and it also helps to keep the chemicals balanced. Pool cover weights can be used to prevent the cover from sinking into the water. You can also purchase a pool cover pump that will keep water from pooling on top of it. It is a good idea to clean your pool cover every so often to ensure that leaves and snow don’t build up.

Hire a Pro

Closing your pool for the season can be a time consuming process. If you don’t have the time to spend on closing your own pool, don’t be afraid to hire a professional to take care of it for you. Our team at Sunrise Premier Pool Builders  has all the tools and knowledge needed to successfully close your pool for the season!

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