Reopening Your Pool for Summer

While summer might be a ways away, it’s never too early to think about opening your pool. Giving yourself time to go over these steps is important to ensuring that you’re ready to safely reopen your pool the minute warm weather strikes.

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Removing the Cover

When it’s time to think about opening your pool, the first thing to think about is taking off the pool cover. First, make sure to use your pool net to get rid of any leaves or errant debris on the cover, and then make sure to pump off any standing water that might have collected on top of the cover during the winter months. Make sure your cover doesn’t have a hole in it so you’re not just draining your pool. After all this, it’s safe to take off the cover. Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry it before folding it up for storage.

Restoring the Pool

After you’re done with the cover, it’s time to add water, filling the pool to its normal, “in-use” levels. Before you do this, make sure to take out any freeze plugs or other winterization measures you installed the previous year. If you did not clean your pool filter before closing it for the season, do so now. Now it’s time to start your filtration system. Make sure that you prime the motor before starting it and purge any air from your pool’s plumbing system. This procedure compresses air so if you’re going to open up your filter, pump, or chemical feeder MAKE SURE to release the system pressure before doing so. Next, you should look for leaks, assess the state of the pool’s water (it should be just as clear and clean as when you closed it). Clear and vacuum any debris you find.

Check Water Chemistry

Pool chemistry is a delicate, complex science so DO NOT simply throw in some chlorine and pool chemicals and call it a day. This can damage your pool and anyone who swims in it. Before adding anything, let the water circulate for 12 hours. Then take a water sample and have it tested by a pool professional, who will be able to tell you the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness, as well as recommend what chemicals you should add and in what amounts.

Need Help with Reopening Your Pool?

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