Puppy in the Pool: A Brief Guide


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Pool safety is for all members of the family!

Having dogs in the pool is not something that everyone does, but a lot of people are into it. Watching the beloved pet jump off the side and splash around in the water is adorable. Dogs can even help young swimmers start to learn the ropes with proper training. Now, dogs are naturals in the water, but some simple safety tips can ensure that swimming your playful puppy is always a pleasant experience. So, would you like to learn more about how you can keep your furry friends safe while they swim? Let’s do it.

Safety training is essential.

Training your dog is essential for many reasons, but the biggest one is safety. When your dog gets off their leash, “Sit” can be a lifesaving command if you’re near an open road. The same thing goes for your pool. You need to teach your dog how to use the stairs during the first couple of times they use the pool. This way, if they suddenly get tired or accidentally fall in, they will know how to safely exit the pool. You should also train them to remain calm while people are swimming so that they don’t cause problems for young swimmers. You should also give them sharp “No’s” when they drink the pool water. They won’t thank you for it, but their stomachs sure will. These safety training sessions should go on as long as your dog needs them so, so that you can enjoy your pool without worry.

Be prepared to be your dog’s swim coach.

Some dogs can be a bit nervous around the water for the first time; this doesn’t excuse them from safety training. After all, accidents happen. So, you need to be patient as you guide your pup into the water from the stairs and help them learn the ropes. Feel free to bring toys and treats into the training, but give your dog the time he or she needs to get comfortable. Make sure that you know how to administer dog CPR in the event of an emergency.

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