Pool Trends

Gone are the days of kidney-shaped, rectangular, or oval swimming pools. Modern pool design is taking more cues from the surrounding landscape than ever before. Modern trends are all about blending elements in such a way that the landscape and pool almost becomes one.

So without further ado, the top pool trends of 2011, provided by HomeAndGardenIdeas.com:

1.    Freeform Pools: These pools feature gentle curves and natural elements to give the illusion of the pool being an organic part of the landscape. This modern design type is perfect for small places where traditional pools would never fit.

2.    Minimalist Pools: Borrowing from minimalist architectural style, these pools synergistically blend with your living space, with sleek, lateral lines. Less is more.

3.    Beach Entry Pools: Bring the beach to your backyard. These pools have a gradually sloping walk-in entry that mimics the slope of a beach’s shoreline (no steps or ladders anywhere).

4.    Biological/Natural Pools: Natural pools use water plants to filter the water without the need for chlorine. Biological pools are a close cousin of natural pools, look like a traditional chemically-treated pool, but utilize phosphorous and bio filters instead of water plants.

5.    Infinity Pools: Most often used in hillside pool construction, infinity pools appear to be part of a spectacular view. The illusion of a vanishing edge is achieved by lowering the pool’s back wall to create a water’s edge that is the same level as the water in the pool. Overflow is caught in a catch basin below the main pool and re-circulated.

6.    Waterfall and Rock Pools: Create that resort feel without ever leaving your backyard. Rocks, waterfalls and grottos help to tie your pool design into the surrounding landscape.

7.    Elements of Light: Well-placed pool lighting is king of modern pool design trends and creates an ideal environment for outdoor entertaining. Effective lighting can extend a pool’s usefulness well beyond the daytime.

So have fun and be creative. Turn your backyard into your own paradise.

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