Pool Safety Tips for the Winter Offseason

Pool Safety Tips for the Winter Offseason

If you live somewhere that usually sees heavy ice and snow, the edges of the pool may not be visible, and both humans and animals can get hurt. That’s why you need winter pool safety.

While most pool accidents happen during the summer and swimming months, there are plenty of winter pool tragedies that could be easily avoided by following pool safety rules. In winter, it’s often easy for a pool to be missed. If you live somewhere that usually sees heavy ice and snow, the edges of the pool may not be visible, and both humans and animals can get hurt. Even without the snow, accidents can happen, it’s better to take every precaution.

Portable Pools

Unless you live somewhere that is consistently warm year-round and where you will continue to use your pool, it is best to drain and put away a portable pool in the winter. Because of the flexible sides and lack of pool fencing and alarms it is possible for a child to climb into or on top of a portable pool to easily.

Above Ground Pools

To secure your above ground pool for winter, you should start by removing any steps or ladders from the exterior. Additionally, it is best to remove any items from the yard that could be used as a step into the pool. If you have a pool deck, it is essential to install a secondary safety fence to ensure that access to the pool is limited. Alternatively, you may need to add a safety cover if your above ground pool has a complete surrounding deck.  

Inground Pools

As most in-ground pools will have fences, start by doing a thorough inspection of your fence for any holes or damage; these must be repaired as soon as they are found. Gates should be kept locked, and a pool alarm should be in place. Solid pool covers are the best way to keep your pool safe, but they must be well over-weighted and kept clean and pumped off.

Solid Pool Covers

Many different types of pool covers have hit the market one of which is a solid pool cover that sits on the water. While these can be good for some situations, they can also be dangerous. If an animal or person is to fall onto a solid pool cover, they can become stuck and easily drown. The best option is to invest in a safety cover. Safety covers last for an exceptionally long time, are low maintenance, and can fully hold the weight of an elephant. If a child, animal or even an adult were to fall onto a safety covered pool, they would be able to stand back up and walk off without any issue.   

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