How to Keep Your Pool Safe From Snow Damage

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Whether you have a heated pool or not, keeping your pool safe from the snow takes a coordinated effort.

With the new year comes freezing temperatures and the promise of snow. Regular pool maintenance will have you ready for winter, but these tips will ensure you save thousands by not paying for snow damage repairs. Whether you have a heated pool or not, keeping your pool safe from the snow takes a coordinated effort. 

Clean Your Pool Early and Often!

Cleaning your pool before you put down the pool cover or turn off the water heater will make your life much easier. Before covering your pool, brush the sides and remove all of the debris that can clog your pool’s filter. Next, drain the backwash line to thoroughly and properly clean the pool filter.

Pool Covers are The Main Defense

The most important thing to do when you close your pool or when it is not in use at any time of the year, is to put the pool cover on. Pool covers keep leaves, bugs, and precipitation out of your pool. To remain stable, pool covers rest on the water in your pool, so do not completely drain it when you begin the winterizing process. We recommend using a mesh cover that freezes to your pool water during the winter. This stabilizes the pool cover and keeps the snow from melting into the water. As the snow melts, the cover will thaw and bounce right back into shape. There is no need to worry about discarding the leftover melted snow. 

Ever Heard of Pool Salt?

A secret of the trade, pool salt is a specially made salt compound used to melt snow and ice on your pool cover. It works just like rock salt but is not made of the same chemicals. Using rock salt on your pool cover could tear it or cause damage to your pool filter. Pool salt used with a cover pump the very next day will remove the residue and melted snow.

Turn Off Your Water Heater

Save some money on your electricity bill and turn off your water heater. During the winter, your pool will freeze. That is okay! All your winterization equipment and materials work better when it freezes. 

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