Pool Maintenance Procedures to Perform in Preparation of Spring

Pool Maintenance Procedures to Perform in Preparation of Spring

Here are some of the pool maintenance tasks to complete to get yourself ready for spring.

With spring almost here, we look forward to a season of longer days and warmer weather. As the weather continues getting warmer, we may start thinking about how we can enjoy features of our yards, such as pools, which may not get used as much when it’s colder outside. Before you can enjoy your pool, though, there are some maintenance procedures you’ll have to complete to get your pool ready. Here are some of the pool maintenance tasks to complete to get yourself ready for spring.

Get Your Tools Organized

Before you can start using your swimming pool this year, you need to have all of your pool maintenance tools ready. This includes tools such as your telescoping pole, pool vacuum, and pool brush. With these tools organized and in good condition, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever pool maintenance procedures are required while you’re enjoying your pool.

Remove and Clean Your Pool Cover

Your pool cover is likely going to accumulate dirt during the winter, so when spring is on the horizon, you should brush off whatever debris has piled onto it.. You can also take a cover pump and use it to remove whatever puddles are on the surface. Afterward, detach all of the water bags that kept your pool cover in place, and then remove the cover entirely. Lastly, once the pool cover has dried off, you can store it.

Get a Pool Inspection Done

Now is an ideal time to perform a pool inspection. You want to be sure that every part of your pool is in working order before people start jumping in. Areas that will require inspecting include your skimmer baskets, plugs, and pump. If any of these are damaged, you need to get them repaired as quickly as you can.

Get Your Pool Equipment Reconnected

Some pieces of pool equipment get removed when winter comes around, but now that spring is coming up, it’s time to start reconnecting all of these pieces. These parts include your pool heater, pump, and filter. If you have additional accessories, like handrails and ladders, you can get those reinstalled as well.

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