Pool Contractors Maryland: How To Improve Child Water Safety

This is the off-season for active swimming and the perfect time to prepare a swimming pool that addresses children water safety issues.

Child water safety should always be top priority. Children, no matter how young or old should always be supervised when participating in water activity. Do not think for a second that you should leave children unattended simply because they know how to swim. The best swimmers in the world still have a chance at drowning.

This is why the AAP does not recommend that children under four years old have formal swimming lessons.

Here are ways to keep the kids safe and sound in and around the pool:

  1. Purchase life jackets for all water activities – the pool, lake, river, ocean and water skiing, jet skiing or tubing.
  2. Teach children about the dangers of not practicing water safety, especially in fast moving water scenarios.
  3. Never give children permission to rough play around the pool or any open water. Life threatening accidents always have the potential to occur.
  4. Install a pool fence that’s 4 feet high or higher. The fence should be one that’s self-closing and feature a self-latching gate. You may even want to consider a pool alarm system to alert you when children are in the pool unattended.

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