Pool Accessories to Slash Costs

Pool Accessories

Pool accessories can cut costs and make your life easier.

Your pool may be a lot of fun, but as the weather gets warmer and you start to use your pool regularly, you might be thinking of ways to cut down on expenses. Keeping your pool properly heated and circulated can be pricey. Luckily, there are a few pool accessories out there to help reduce your costs.

Heat Pumps

A pool heat pump is one of a few easy-to-use pool accessories to reduce your pool-related bills. An alternative to the traditional gas pool heater, heat pumps capture heat from the air and transfer it into your pool. Pool heat pumps are fairly easy to use and, while initially more expensive than a gas pool heater, quickly pay for themselves.


Solar Covers

Solar covers are a kind of pool cover that go over the top of your pool, collect energy from the sun, and use it to heat your pool up. They can be difficult to use without a solar reel, which enables you to easily uncover and recover your pool. Still, solar covers are incredibly efficient and can increase temperatures up to 10°, making your pool experience all that more enjoyable.

Variable-Speed Pumps

Instead of using a single-speed pump, try using one that has variable speed. Single-speed pumps often draw more energy than needed to circulate water, but a variable-speed pump can be set to operate at different speeds for different tasks. This can end up saving you a lot of money in the long-run, even if these penny pinching pool accessories  cost more up-front.

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