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You can lower your utility bills and enjoy a more economical summer by making your swimming pool more energy-efficient with some simple strategies.

Many people thinking about owning a swimming pool will talk themselves out of it by convincing themselves that the costs related to upkeep and maintenance are too high. This can be true for some people, but modern pools have modern solutions that can actually make your swimming pool more energy-efficient and significantly lower your costs to keep it running smoothly.

Solar Options

One of the ways you can make your swimming pool more energy-efficient is to invest in a solar-powered heater and a solar cover, commonly called a solar blanket. These pool accessories are excellent because they use the power of the sun to heat your pool, significantly reducing your need for electrical heating. They don’t always work well during certain seasons or times of year—heavy clouds and excessive rain can limit their viability, but they will more than make up for it whenever the sun comes out.

The solar heater makes heating your pool less expensive, while the solar blanket will hold in the heat and even offer extra heat to keep your pool nice and warm between uses, so it’s always ready for you to jump right in.


Another reason the solar blanket is a great investment is its ability to slow water evaporation. Uncovered outdoor swimming pools typically lose 1 – 1.5 inches of water each week, which needs to be replaced. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you think about how big some outdoor swimming pools can be, losing more than one inch of water each week equates to a significant amount of gallons lost.

Evaporation also harms energy efficiency by perpetuating heat loss in your swimming pool. Evaporation can account for anywhere between 70-95% heat loss in a swimming pool. 


Finding a way to brace your swimming pool against significant winds is another way to make it more energy-efficient. Winds going at 7 mph have the potential to increase energy consumption in your swimming pool by 300%. The surface agitation these winds cause is another way for your swimming pool to lose heat and consume more energy to keep the temperature stable.

A windbreaker can be a tall pool fence, hedge bushes or other plants and greenery, a large mesh screen, or anything else that can effectively brace against the wind to protect your pool from becoming overly agitated. A windbreaker can keep your pool warm with less energy and slows evaporation which conserves water.

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