Luxurious Water Features for Your Pool

Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders Luxurious Water Features

There are many different luxurious water features you can add to your pool for that resort look and feel.

Waterfalls are awesome, there’s no denying that fact. However, there are a lot of other visually and audibly luxurious water features that can be added to your pool. From jets of water, to streams, to raindrops, there’s a water feature available that will create the tranquil pool you’ve always dreamt of.


Fountains and bubblers are similar, but not the same. Bubblers are common on tanning ledges and first steps, creating visual interest in the shallow area of a pool. They create a short, asymmetrical spillover of water. Fountains offer a taller water column that is more symmetrical than those of bubblers and can be installed in deeper areas of a pool. Both options can be installed with custom LED lighting for a beautiful light show look during night swims.


Laminar and deck jets can be installed around the edge of the pool. These spout a stream of water in a beautiful arch that lands in the body of the pool. Laminar and deck jets can be height-adjusted, and the sound they create when hitting the water creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere that will add a surprising level of relaxation to your pool experience.


Spouts and scuppers are installed above the pool’s water line and are used to create eye-catching arrangements as well as add that blissful sound of water hitting water. Spouts are typically metal fixtures that create a stream of water, while scuppers are wider and look more like a tiny waterfall.


A plumbed statue can bring in the feeling of elegance and luxury while adding a fun and visually captivating piece to your pool. These are typically not too difficult to install and come in many different looks, styles, colors, sizes, and designs. From a tiny turtle to a massive Roman column, there’s a statue out there that will elevate the look of your pool.


Cascades stream water out of a raised area around the pool, creating a wall of water that jets out of the side near the top, making it similar to a waterfall with some key differences. These are often shorter than waterfalls, and they push the water outward rather than upward. They can be installed as a smooth cascade which creates the typical wall of water effect, or they can be a raindrop style that provides a different look and sound.

Rain Curtains

If you want to make your neighbors jealous, go with a rain curtain. A rain curtain is similar to a cascade, but instead of being installed on a raised wall around the perimeter of your pool, a high arch is built and water is directed forward or downward in a raindrop pattern. This creates a very calming sound and makes your pool the coolest on the block. Installing LED lighting into the archway will make night swims visually fascinating thanks to the beautiful light show.

Spa Spillways

Many people put their spas level with their pools, but consider a raised spa to enjoy a fantastic spa spillway. The only thing that determines the spillway is the orientation of the spa, so think carefully about how you want the spillway to look and operate. It can be a sheer drop, or you could add steps to create a cascading spillway effect.

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