Lighting Your Pool

Light up the night with pool lighting!

Light up the night with pool lighting!

Do you enjoy night swimming? It can be a very fun way to end the day after long hours at work. This is particularly true of the hot summer nights that July and August are certain to bring. Though it may be a little early to open up your pool, you might want to think about some lighting solutions if you haven’t already. Lights within and around the pool can bring so much to your pool experience, so let’s check some out!

Why do you need lights?

Well, the most obvious answer is to keep your pool area safe during the evenings and nights you plan to use it. You need to be able to see little wet spots to keep from slipping and falling. What about snakes and other critters? You definitely need to be able to see those as well. All in all, one of the best ways to maximize your safety efforts with your pool is to install lighting both within and around your pool. Another reason to have pool lighting is to show off your style. There are many different types and colors for lights within pools. There are even kinds that rotate their colors! So, use your pool in your next outdoor party. Why not?

What are my options?

You have basically infinite options are far as the lighting around your pool goes. Any kind of outdoor lamp, string of lights, or torch will work in lighting your pool area. It might help to pick a theme for the area so that you can narrow your search a little. For inside the pool, there are several options for the lights themselves. You can choose from LED lights or basic lamps. It is best to install multiple lights in both the shallow and deep ends of your pool for maximum effectiveness.

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