Lighting Your Maryland Swimming Pool

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Lighting your Maryland pool can increase its value and enhance the elegance of the design, while keeping night swimmers safer than ever!

One exciting part of owning a swimming pool is that you have the opportunity to swim whenever you want to, night or day, without restriction – unless your parents own the pool and make the rules, that is. But who doesn’t love a night swim on a summer evening? To enhance the safety of night swimming, your pool should be equipped with lights. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is here to enlighten you on the basics about lighting your Maryland swimming pool.

Why Do I Need Pool Lighting?

The best reason to invest in pool lighting is to ensure the safety of swimmers during the evenings and nights when the pool is in use. Pool lighting makes it easier for swimmers to gauge how far away the bottom of the pool is, and it helps make walkways surrounding the pool safer. If you own a swimming pool in Maryland, you are likely aware that local wildlife could gain entry to your pool once night falls. If there is a frog or a snake in your swimming pool, this is probably something you’d like to know. Without pool lighting, it would be incredibly hard to know if the water are safe and undisturbed by animals.

What Are My Pool Lighting Options?  

Pool lighting is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, increases the value of your pool, and makes your pool the perfect focal point when entertaining guests in the evening. That being said, there are countless unique lighting options available to suit pool owners needs. Minor pool lighting options (for the area surrounding the pool) include outdoor lamps, string lights, or torches. When it comes to lighting the interior of your swimming pool, you can choose between LED lights or basic lamps. LED lights are more eco-friendly. Pool lights are available in several different colors and some can even rotate colors within your pool, changing the mood!

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