Is Your Swimming Pool Cover Prepared for Snow Damage?

Is Your Swimming Pool Cover Prepared for Snow Damage?

You’ll want to prepare your swimming pool cover for the next barrage of ice and snow.

Snow is an inevitable part of winter weather. Blizzards, though, are something else. Over the last decade or so, it has become increasingly common to expect large and powerful winter storms as January turns into February. Who here can remember the giant storms of 2009 and 2010? They were so massive that they were dubbed either Snowpocalypse or Snowmageddon. That may or may not happen again, but in any case, you will want to prepare your swimming pool cover for the next barrage of ice and snow. 

Put Salt on the Pool Cover

You’re probably well-acquainted with the notion of salting the roads in preparation for a huge snowstorm. Well, you can apply that same principle to your swimming pool cover. This special salt helps dissolve the clods of ice and snow that can weigh down and damage your cover. Then use the cover pump roughly 24 hours later to get rid of the remaining crystals that you can’t sweep away. If you have a saltwater or chlorinated pool, then you are in luck! This method is surprisingly effective. However, we urge you not to use ordinary sidewalk salt. That’s because there is a blend of additives that can ruin your pool. 

Clean Up the Pool Right Away 

Keeping the pool clean is a crucial part of practicing proper maintenance. It’s easy for inexperienced pool owners to assume that the pool only needs to be cleaned during periods of heavy use. That said, getting a jump on maintenance before spring and summer roll around can keep the good times going. Do your best to eliminate debris that can accumulate and block the filter inside your pool. Don’t forget to drain out the backwash line, either!

Switch Off the Heater Unit

We get it: switching off the heater unit sounds like strange advice. However, your pool cover can better protect the water and concrete underneath when the heat is off. Besides, if you continuously run the heater, you’ll use more power and dramatically increase your electric and heating bills. One more thing: you might think that the heater can ward off the water’s freezing potential, but that is incorrect. Until winter ends, make sure that you keep a reasonable amount of water in the pool. Aim for one inch to eighteen inches! 

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