Is Fall a Good Time to Invest in a New Pool?

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Investing in a new pool during the fall season might seem unusual, but it can have plenty of great benefits.

Since pool season is in the summer, many people don’t consider the advantages of investing in a new pool during the fall. There are certainly downsides, particularly the fact that you won’t be able to enjoy your new pool until the weather warms up again. However, the benefits of having your custom swimming pool built in the fall season might make it worth the wait.

You Could Save Money

As summer winds down, so does the custom pool building business. With their business in a lull, some pool contractors might be willing to offer a significant discount to anyone looking for custom pool work done during the fall season. A custom pool is a big investment, and saving some money on the pool itself can help you fund an amazing patio area or add a built-in spa that can be used year-round. Getting a nicer pool for a lower price is a significant advantage when having your custom pool built in the off-season.

Be Ready for Next Season

There’s no doubt that it’s kind of a bummer if you have a custom pool built just to close it up for the next 6-8 months. However, this could actually prove to be a benefit. If you also want to have a pool patio built, you’ll have time to do it as the spring season begins before the weather is warm enough to open the pool. Doing the construction this way gives you time over the winter to save some extra funds for the patio, and the construction will be 100% complete by the time you’re ready to open your new pool for the summer. In the end, you might be glad you were able to take your time with the construction and have it completed over a longer period of time that allows you to fund it more easily and take extra care in making sure every aspect is perfect.

Add a Spa

If you save some money and are able to add a built-in spa to your new pool, you’ll actually be able to use it until the coldest months of the year hit, allowing you to get some use out of your custom pool before next summer. You’ll definitely be the envy of all of your family, friends, and neighbors when you have somewhere warm to relax during the chillier months of the year.

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