Information About Chlorine Pool Generators

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What is The Purpose Of A Pool Chlorine Generator?

A pool chlorine generator is used to sanitize pools and spas. You can benefit from installing a pool chlorine generator because it will eliminate the need to buy, store, transport, and handle chlorine.

How The Pool Chlorine Generator Works

The Pool Chlorine Generator works by passing pool water through it to transform salt into hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is produced when chlorine is added to pool water. When the treated pool water returns to the pool, the chlorine prevents algae and bacteria from growing in your pool. As a result, your pool becomes safer because it is a sanitized environment.

Does a Chlorine Generator Need Maintenance?

A Chlorine generator is not high maintenance. It only needs the cell of its system to be taken out and cleaned once a year. You will need a bristle brush to clean it. If you have calcium deposits on the cell, you will need a mild solution of muriatic acid and water to remove the calcium deposits. You will never need the power supply to be maintenance.

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