Ideas for your Pool Deck


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What sort of pool deck is right for your new pool?

Even though you are super stoked about your new pool, don’t forget about choosing the right pool deck to accompany your little slice of heaven!


From chlorine to the sun’s brutal rays, a pool deck can take a real beating. It’s not only important to consider the aesthetics of your pool deck, but you also want to focus on design tips that encourage functionality and practicality.


Poured Concrete Pool Decks


Most people are familiar with a concrete design for pool decks, but concrete should only be used in certain areas. In colder parts of the world, concrete decks can actually start to crack, so an important pool design tip is to invest in concrete in a warmer climate. Labor and materials are generally cheap for this type of pool deck project, and you are able to customize concrete through a variety of colors and finishes. The design of stamped concrete to mimic stone or brick is also becoming a very popular style.



Stone Pool Decks


Stone is considered one of the most expensive materials for pool decks, but the aesthetics really pay for the cost. Stone provides a more natural look for your pool deck, and it is extremely durable. You also have a wide variety of colors and styles to chose from, and it is fairly easy to replace stones incase there is some damage. At $7 or more just for a square foot, however, it will take proper planning to fit this type of pool deck into budgets.


Composite Pool Decks


Composite decks are normally made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers, and many homeowners appreciate the eco-friendly nature of this type of material. The design itself looks like real wood, but it does not require the maintenance that a real wood pool deck would require. A composite pool deck will not fall victim to rotting and warping. The cost is generally $5 a square foot.


Tile Pool Decks


Tile looks nice and is a great bargain at generally $5 a square foot, but there is maintenance issues to consider with this type of decking. The installation time is generally longer because the tile is set over a concrete base, which does increase installation costs. You will also need to make sure to follow the upkeep so that grout lines don’t crack or split.


With the right pool and pool deck, your friends and family will constantly bombard you to hand out at the paradise you created!



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