How to Winterize Your In-Ground Pool

winterize in-ground pool

While we take the time to get the best winter gear for ourselves and our properties, don’t forget to winterize your in-ground pool.

As the cold winters comes closer and closer, it’s important to be ready. While we take the time to get the best winter gear for ourselves and our properties, don’t forget to winterize your in-ground pool. While every in-ground pool is slightly different and it is important to look at every pool individually, below you will find some helpful general tips to help winterize your in-ground pool and make sure that it’s ready for the season’s worst.


Balance Your Pool Water

Take a look at the pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness levels in your in-ground pool. Adjust them a necessary. You want to take care of this several days to a week before your pool closes for the season to make sure that extra adjustments are not needed before it closes. Shock your pool with granular chlorine before it closes, but make sure this is done a week before you close. This gives chlorine levels ample time to drop so they do not damage your pool cover.

Give Your In-Ground Pool A Thorough Cleaning

The cleaner your pool is when you close it, the better shape it will be in when you open it again the following spring. Any debris, dirt, or algae left in the pool when you close it will lessen the strength of the chemicals used to winterize it. If you close an unclean pool you can expect a mess next season when you reopen.

Lower The Water In Your In-Ground Pool

If you utilize a mesh safety cover, the level should be 8-12 inches below the tile. If you use a solid pool cover that floats on the surface and is held down by water bags, the level of the water should be 3-5 inches below the tile. If you have an in-ground vinyl liner, you can also make use a product called an aquador instead of lowering the pool level at all at the end of the season.  

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