How to Use Your Pool for Exercise

Take advantage of the fantastic workouts you can get in your pool!

Take advantage of the fantastic workouts you can get in your pool!

Pools can be a really fun way to de-stress, but they can also be used to get your exercise for the day. A pool is a great tool for exercise because the water provides resistance, which builds muscle, and support, which can alleviate pain for people with arthritis or fibromyalgia.  They’re great for people with joint pain and other physical issues. You can work out in a pool at any time of day or night. Just check out our blog about lighting your pool. So, let’s learn about some great ways to exercise in a pool!

 What can you do?

Well, as we’ve mentioned, the biggest benefit is that a pool can offer an exercise platform for people with disabilities, joint pain, and other physical issues. So, if you feel as though you are one of these people, then jumping right in without knowing what sorts of exercises are good might result in injury. One of the best ways to exercise gently in a pool is to simply walk in the shallow end. You want to enjoy the resistance of the water without having to swim. It will give you a safer workout experience. You can also employ a pool noodle and use it to keep you afloat while you kick your legs. Kickboards are also excellent options for getting some exercise.

Are there options for people without joint problems?

Of course there are! People who don’t experience any physical issues can still get heavy duty workout from a pool. Performing different strokes in laps can be an excellent way to exercise. After all, you’re going to be getting both cardio and strength training in the same action. Doing laps is a whole body experience, so even if you have another workout regimen, you might want to consider adding swimming to the list of things you do. If you like to go the gym, you can always come home to do a little cool down work in your pool. One of the best things about a pool is that it is a very versatile piece of exercise equipment. You can work any muscle group you want. All you need is a pool.

So, think you’re ready to get the workout of your life?

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