How to Prepare Your Pool for the Colder Months

winter pool maintenance

Depending on whether or not your pool is heated, the closing date could vary. But all outdoor pools must close eventually!

Now that we’re entering the end of September, the weather is getting cooler.  It’s not quite cold enough to close your pool for the season, but in the coming weeks, you’ll need to start thinking about it.  Depending on whether or not your pool is heated, the closing date could vary.  But all outdoor pools must close eventually!  Getting them ready for the colder seasons is certainly a process, and you should be familiar with it as a pool owner.  Let’s take a look at some quick tips you’ll need in order to properly prepare your pool for fall and winter.

Chemical Balance


You should be getting the chemicals in  your pool balanced about a week before closing.  Each pool is different, but your water quality should be at peak performance.  You should also really get in there and scrub the sides; any algae spores could still form and rot during the winter.  Make sure to remove any ladders, ropes, or toys.  These could rust and ruin your water quality.  Keeping your pool clean and your water prepared is the first step in making sure your pool is ready for closing season.


Prepare for Ice


For in-ground pools, lower the water level until it is no longer touching the side tiles.  When your water freezes, it could break the tile.  You should also make sure the cover you use drains ice melt well.  A strong, sturdy cover is an important part of protecting your pool when it gets colder.  Snow and ice are heavy, and can weigh down enough to ruin the cover entirely.  You want to make sure your cover is well-maintained in order to protect your pool and its water.  This goes for both in-ground and above-ground pools.  Don’t stress about brushing away the snow during the season; just make sure your cover can drain and withstand the weight.  Dipping slightly shouldn’t be a problem.


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