How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool

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Since most bugs in your pool that aren’t flies or bees need to live in water, they could lay eggs there and give you a bigger problem.

Well, okay; there’s no way to get bugs to stop landing in your pool.  But there are certainly a few tips and tricks that can make sure you’ll be skimming them up without issue.  It’s always nasty to be swimming calmly, only to come across a backswimmer (it can give you a sharp bite!).  Since most bugs in your pool that aren’t flies or bees need to live in water, they could lay eggs there and give you a bigger problem.  To avoid that, read on, and follow these tips.

Position Lighting Well


Keeping large lights close to the pool can attract cold blooded insects with their warmth and ultraviolet light.  If you place these lights away from the water, the bugs will be drawn away as well.  Any lighting in the pool should be low wattage, and shouldn’t produce heat (LED, not incandescent).  This will help keep bugs going towards the light and not towards your water.


Shock the Pool


Shock chlorination is an important part of algae control, and consequently, bug control.  When you shock the pool, you’re killing the bugs’ only food source.  Shocking the pool can raise the chlorination up to 10 ppm.  Start the process just before sundown, and don’t swim in the pool until the chlorination is down to 3 ppm.




Another great way to stop algae from growing in your pool is to simply use an algaecide.  This should happen after you’ve already shocked the pool, and usually, algaecides will have directions that instruct you how much you should be applying.  You should scrub down the sides after this.  And speaking of which…


Clean it Up


Give the sides and bottom of your pool a good brushing and vacuuming.  This gets rid of the residing algaecide, but can also remove any bugs and their larvae.  Removing decaying leaves, also, can prevent bugs from entering your pool.  


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